VASAGLE Rolling File Cabinet, Mobile Office Cabinet on Wheels, with 2 Drawers, Open Shelf, for A4, Letter Size, Hanging File Folders, Industrial Style, Rustic Brown and Black UOFC71X Everything Else

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About this item Time for Something New: Meet this industrial style file cabinet. Perhaps the unique mix of rustic brown particleboard and black steel frame will inspire you to be more inventive at work For Your Entire Career: Quality particleboard and a steel frame make a stable, strong, and durable office cabinet, which deserves a permanent contract of employment It Works for All: With an open shelf for clips and a stapler, an upper drawer for notepads, and a deep drawer for A4 and letter-size files, everything finds its place in this file cabinet. Even more, there’s a top surface for a lovely plant Wheel It, or Stop It: This cabinet is equipped with four 360° swivel wheels, 2 of which have brakes to keep it in place. This allows the mobile cabinet to adapt perfectly to different situations, just like a good employee Take It Easy: We know that assembling furniture isn’t a popular pastime, and that’s why this storage cabinet comes with straightforward, illustrated instructions and numbered parts, which will help you set it up quickly and easily

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9 reviews for VASAGLE Rolling File Cabinet, Mobile Office Cabinet on Wheels, with 2 Drawers, Open Shelf, for A4, Letter Size, Hanging File Folders, Industrial Style, Rustic Brown and Black UOFC71X Everything Else

  1. Carri AnneCarri Anne

    I purchased 9 pieces from this line by VASAGLE. 2 bookshelves, 2 L-desks (different sizes), 1 straight computer desk, 1 rolling file cabinet, 2 storage cabinets and 1 storage bench. Most of them arrived early and in good condition. I have put together many pieces of flat pack furniture over the years and by far these have been the best. If you take your time and follow the instructions (pay attention to direction holes are in the pics) you will not have any problems. They all feel sturdy and I think they look great! I am beyond pleased. I have a rolling printer cart and wall mount shelves on the way from this same company. I will look at this company first in the future should I need any more pieces. I highly recommend these pieces.

  2. Carrie M.Carrie M.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging and quality of materials, for the price I paid. It comes completely disassembled, and there are a lot of pieces. The assembly is not for the weak. But if you have basic skills, you will get through it just fine! The instructions are mostly pictures, with the labeled parts. I was amazed that it came with a screwdriver!! (Also comes with your typical furniture Allen wrench and wrench.) Go slow and make sure you understand what’s happening, and you will be fine. The end product is great. I got this for a “office nightstand” because I work out of our spare room. So it functions great as a nightstand for our guest bed and office storage. I did not put on the wheels, I don’t think I need to roll it around (but I’ll keep them in case a change my mind).

  3. Laura Pearce

    I added this to my new pandemic-prompted work-from-home office (formerly known as my dining area). It’s a good space saver for a small apartment, holds my printer, copy paper in the slot underneath, office supplies in the drawer beneath that and files in the bottom drawer. It was a bit time-consuming to put together, but not at all difficult. It’s also attractive, not cheap looking. Overall a good buy.

  4. A. Powell

    I bought this filer to go with a desk I purchased a few months ago, and though it is made by a different company, it matches perfectly. Huge points for that!It is also sturdy, the drawers slide well and don’t flop out when fully extended, the top and front are beautifully smooth and the finish is really nice.This item went together very easily, with the exception of one of the rods that support the file folders. It was nearly impossible to screw in, and never did go all the way – though that doesn’t stop the drawer from fully closing.After immense struggle to get the thing in place (I think the interior threads were wonky), I discovered that I had used the wrong set of holes to install it. Dang! There are two sets of holes in order to accommodate legal and letter size files – naturally I discovered my letter size folders fell through because I needed to use the other set of holes. That meant having to unscrew the rod. No biggie, right? WRONG! That sucker, once I got it as close to fully installed as I could, did not want to budge. Not even with needle nose pliers. I wound up having to use a rubber jar lid opener to grab the rod and hold tight enough to twist.The whole thing with the rod is actually explained by a little diagram at the end of the instruction manual AFTER the step that calls for the rod to be installed. Had the diagram from the last page appeared at step 11 I would not have had to go through all the stupidity of removing and reinserting that blasted rod. My fault though – the first thing in the instructions is the advice to read them all the way through before starting. Live and learn.I would, despite the silly rod debacle, buy this again in a heartbeat. In fact, my housemate is now buying an identical setup for her office.

  5. Kona Mom

    Now that it’s assembled, I am glad I perservered. It is absolutely adorable, sturdy, and that it’s on wheels is just a plus. Put together a trendy little home office, and this filing cabinet is perfect. It’s my printer stand, I have a wicker basket on shelf for paper, and one drawer for office odds and ends, and one filing drawer, for the paper you still have to keep hard copies of. That being said, it took my hubby and I two days to put it together. We are both pretty handy, but it was challenging. The construct is brilliant but foreign, and once we put it together, we understood the logic. It’s a two man/woman job in my opinion.

  6. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    876 / 5000Translation resultsI am super-mega happy with this purchase. My room is very small and my furniture has to be practical and functional. For me this is 3 in 1. I need where to put my personal papers, my medicines, my phone, lamp, and the air purifier. I know it is an office furniture. But it doesn’t seem like it and for me, it does the job I need. In the bottom drawer the papers, the top one the medicines, the phones and tablets follow, and on top the lamp and the air purifier. Everything collected, clean and in its place. I like that it has wheels, so I can fit it wherever I want. My daughter put it together. Don’t be intimidated by all the parts you are about to see. Everything is very well explained in the manual. It came very well stored and protected in the box, and brings the tools to put it together. for me it is functional, practical and I liked it a lot. I am very happy with it.

  7. HollyRNHollyRN

    We originally intended to use this to hold our printer, with the handy shelf for printer paper underneath the top shelf. Instead, we decided to tuck it under the desk (with the printer on the desk above it). It is great that it was designed to fit under the desk from the matching line of furniture. The shelf for paper still comes in handy for exactly the same purpose. Two of the wheels have locks/brakes on them to help keep the unit from moving, if needed. The filing cabinet and drawer both seem well-designed. The smaller drawer is really handy for holding specialty printer papers, envelopes, filing tabs/supplies, etc. The larger filing drawer can be set up to accommodate A4 paper size or US Letter paper size.NOTE: the step where the two metal rods are screwed into place to hold hanging files, does not specify which position fits which paper size. That is mentioned later toward the end of the instructions, almost as a follow-up note (like, “hey by the way if you move this rod to a different position that’s how you set it up for a different file size” – along with the key showing which position works with which size). They really should mention that when those rods are first being inserted and screwed into the unit, but, they can be changed with relatively little fuss, so, it isn’t a huge deal.Overall it is a really nice piece with a lot of thoughtful features. A bit pricey – but when comparing to similar units, it seems to be pretty much in the ballpark of the cost of other options. Happy with this purchase.

  8. ChrisChris

    So these weren’t my first choice but I couldn’t be happier with them. I was originally looking to purchase the IKEA Alex drawers for my gaming desk setup but they were out of stock for several months and I got tired I waiting. I found these on amazon and although the measurements weren’t exactly what I was looking for, I went ahead and purchased them. Assembly was easy and straight forward. I think it goes without saying that these aren’t the best build quality drawer units. They’re made of that cheap particle stuff but so long as you make sure to not over-tighten or force anything together, they’re plenty sturdy and if treated nicely, are absolutely fine for your application. to be fair, IKEA’s furniture is made of the same stuff so, whatever. I ended up actually really liking the way these made the final result look. I really like the open upper areas. I ended up frosting some acrylic sheets and mounted them to the back of the drawers so you couldn’t see the cords and wires. They were a little short so I did end up building a couple riser boxes out of 2×4’s. After doing that they sit at the perfect height for my desk. Overall I’m happy with this purchase and I would definitely recommend them.

  9. Joseph M. Joseph M.

    From cradle to end-use, this small file cabinet is well worth the money. The carton arrived on-time. When I opened it I was pleasantly surprised at how well it was all packed. Styrofoam pads and solid plastic corners (see photo) in all the right places. Everything came out very easily making it a cinch to lay the parts out in an organized manner. All the parts are labeled to correspond with the assembly manual. Do not feel overwhelmed. Just follow the directions and this nice cabinet will come together properly in about 90 minutes. Here is a tip: There are about 10 bags of screws and connectors. Don’t tear the bags open and dump out all the screws. Each bag has a letter that corresponds precisely to a connection. Open the bags from the seams with a scissor or blade so that you only take out what you need based on the step you are on within the instructions. The tools provided are adequate but you may want to use your own Philips screwdriver. I have to say I am impressed with how the factory cut and designed the cabinet. You can see that everything matched up properly and this company is putting out a quality product within the price-point. I did not expect such a good cabinet. It is nice looking, rolls well, the draws operate properly, fit and finish is excellent and it handles my paper filing needs perfectly.

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