– VASAGLE ALINRU Kitchen Baker’s Rack, Coffee Bar, Microwave Oven Stand, with Steel Frame, Wire Basket, 6 Hooks, 35.4″, Rustic Brown – Standing Baker’s Racks

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About this item Particleboard Kitchen Shelf with Dolce Vita Flair: The smell of freshly baked pizza flows through your kitchen and a glass of red wine is ready—create the perfect atmosphere among your walls with our industrial furniture from VASAGLE Chaos Coordinator: If the mixing bowl has to be placed on the stove or the kettle on the floor, it’s high time for this baker’s rack! It offers numerous shelves for storing baking utensils and more. Your microwave oven can also fit on the 35.4” x 15.7” work surface Store What You Need: With engineered wood shelves resting atop robust steel tubes, the kitchen rack is sturdy and holds 176 lb of your favorite cookbooks, a coffee maker, plates, pasta boxes, pots, pans, and more Everything Has a Place: 6 S-shaped hooks are included for holding ladles, spatulas, and towels, while a handy, pull-out wire basket is perfect for cutlery, measuring spoons, or a whisk What You Get: Baker’s rack from our ALINRU Collection, 4 storage shelves, a wire basket, 6 S-shaped hooks, adjustable feet, labeled parts, and an easy-to-follow instructions

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9 reviews for – VASAGLE ALINRU Kitchen Baker’s Rack, Coffee Bar, Microwave Oven Stand, with Steel Frame, Wire Basket, 6 Hooks, 35.4″, Rustic Brown – Standing Baker’s Racks

  1. CarolinaTechFoodieCarolinaTechFoodie

    I love my kitchen appliances, to a detrement. This stand saved the day. Now my rice cooker, crock pot, and stand mixer never have to be moved to be used. The tray is perfect height for holding my teas and under that I have an electric kettle and burr grinder.Assembly took 1 person about 30 minutes. The picture instructions are easy to follow and include both a wall-tether (to prevent it from tipping over if a child climbed it) and spare parts! The manufacturer really thought out the design, assembly, and usefulness of this product.I’m extremely pleased!

  2. jesse

    You can never tell how sturdy these things are online, when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised.Assembly was easy and the final product is well built and solid. Looks good too.

  3. Impetigo

    I really like this kitchen cart for several reasons:- Sturdy: This thing is super sturdy. The wood is obviously not solid wood, and quite heavy so perhaps particle board with a laminate on top but it is very sturdy. But the metal frame (steel) is even sturdier as it has two pre-assembled rectangular side frames and you connect the horizontal bars that go under the middle and bottom shelves with long metal bolts. Once assembled, the thing feels rock solid. Definitely doesn’t feel like the average cheap cart or IKEA furniture.- Easy to assemble: Just need a hex wrench that is included. Also love that the parts are all labeled, with letter stickers on the three wood boards and the metal parts come in bags with letters on them that made assembly so headache-free. Instructions were clear, the diagrams were easy to read, and as a nice touch they included one extra of each of the two different sized bolts. Wish IKEA would do that!- Nice design: The design is interesting and different than the usual three shelf cart, with the wine bottle section and the pull out tray. We don’t have a need for wine storage but I was hoping that it could be used to hold cans, and lo and behold it does! There are five “columns” for wine bottles that you can instead place three 14-oz cans each, for a total of 15 cans. All the brands of 14-oz cans I tried fit, although some were just slightly wider, particularly at the top/bottom lip, that you can’t have the cans directly next to each other (just slightly staggered to keep the lips from being right next to each other).Not much to dislike at this price point, but I would say that I don’t particularly like:- Wood panels: Would love to pay an extra hundred or so to get better quality wood boards than whatever these are. They don’t look terrible, but I don’t like the faux-walnut finish and it does detract a bit from the cart overall. With nice wood (like plywood with a wood veneer, obviously solid wood would put this item in Room & Board instead of Amazon) this cart would be the best ever!- Wheels: They’re not great. Not terrible, but they are a bit on the hard side so it rattles a bit more when rolling around, compared to another cheap cart that has slightly more “rubberized” wheels that absorb some of the rattles when rolling about.Overall though, just an awesome cart and highly recommend!

  4. Sir E.

    This baker’s rack requires assembly, which took approximately 30-45 minutes without help. The shelves are all sturdy and the adjustable feet make balancing the table easy to balance.There is a very large shelf space on the bottom left, to the top of which I attached 4 14-inch wine glass racks. Now that space is filled with hanging wine glasses, with just enough space below (8 inches) to hold an 8-bottle horizontal wine bottle rack.The sliding basket drawer is held into its place by two metal pegs, ensuring the basket can not be removed from its sliders. The basket slides with some resistance, making a bit of a scratching sound, but this is the only complaint I have.The wood is more of a fine plywood, but the finish looks realistic and is actually textured. For the price point, one should not reasonably expect better quality.

  5. JustinJustin

    Wow! I thought this was gonna be cheap material.. this is very good quality!! I never do reviews but this one I had too!!!! I love it!!!! The wood isn’t flimsy it’s great quality and easy to put together!!

  6. AbiAbi

    Just put this cart together and I’m actually pleasantly surprised with the quality of the whole thing and with how easy it was to assemble. This cart is sturdy but also not too heavy despite being made of mostly metal; the top most shelf is not solid wood but looks and almost feels like it. I will say, I basically stripped the little tool by tightening the screws so in future orders I’d hope to see a more sturdy tool but nonetheless, it served it’s purpose. Just don’t expect to use it for a second assembly.After finding this little gem on Amazon and reading the many positive comments–I thought to myself, if this thing can survive for over a year in an elementary classroom, as a portable desk, then it’ll DEFINITELY hold up standing still in our library/music room!I chose to go wheel-less based on other reviews saying the wheels weren’t functional. For our particular needs, we didn’t need this cart to be portable anyway. However, if I did need a portable cart, I’d surely want to purchase this one again. With that being said, I greatly appreciated the option to use adjustable “feet” instead because our cart sits half on an area rug and half on the wood floor (another reason I chose to go wheel-less). The “feet” can be screwed into each of the 4 corners of the base and tightened to the desired height–I had no problem whatsoever getting my cart perfectly level by doing this.If you’re thinking of purchasing this cart, I’d highly recommend it.

  7. AlexAlex

    The screws already part of the board came off when attaching the legs to the table, rendering the entire thing useless. We tried super gluing those screws back on but nothing. Cheap quality and am hoping for a refund.Update on 2/25: Amazon sent a second unit after providing pictures of the defect. Second one took about 20 minutes to install and looks great. Super simple to put together and will make a nice addition to our dining room.

  8. shadowmaster

    I got this at 3/4 less the current price of $79, but at this price it is very pricey. First you need to organize the parts in one section, clear out the debris or trash. Do not throw or destroy the box while opening, it will be needed just in case for return. The directions are very simple just follow them in steps. No need for tools like screwdriver etc. they are in the box. There is a portable screw driver for the screws and a small wrench if you plan to use the wheels because you have an option not to use it and use the stationary stand for the legs. Note: to use the wrench for the wheels is to attach it on the bearing that fits it then turn it around to tighten it because your hand grip may not be enough to completely turn it. It is very sturdy and can hold some weight like TV, stereo, books etc. The only downside is that height in both shelves is only 10 inches max so your record vinyls can’t stack upright. The two layers are in metal grills with tiny diamond size openings while the top shelf is a nice wood looking metal platform. If you have another person to assist you it will take not more than 30 minutes of assembly but alone may take 45 minutes. I recommend this cart.

  9. E. GarufiE. Garufi

    I’m very happy with this purchase. It is very Sturdy and has a lot of storage. It is not real wood but the veneer is really nice, it’s even textured. No complaints!

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