Home-it Adjustable Bed Risers or Furniture Riser bed lifts in Heights of 8, 5 or 3 Inches Heavy Duty Set of 4 bed riser Home & Kitchen

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Polypropylene Imported LIMITED TIME OFFER PRICE MAY INCREASE SOON — THIS ITEM IS 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Customize to you own needs: Extra 8″ High Extra 5″ High or Extra 3″ High, the opening is 3″ X 3″ X 3/4″ deep bed riser Safely Support a Total of up to 1,300 Pounds! Won’t Scratch or Dent Hardwood Floors bed lifters or Caster fits safely and securely into the recess cup built into the bed riser Adjustable Bed Riser System Instantly Creates Additional Under Bed Storage bed frame risers High quality bed lift great idea for storage under the bed

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9 reviews for Home-it Adjustable Bed Risers or Furniture Riser bed lifts in Heights of 8, 5 or 3 Inches Heavy Duty Set of 4 bed riser Home & Kitchen

  1. MarieKT

    I purchased these to help lift the headboard side of the bed only because I have had horrendous heartburn during my pregnancy, and laying flat makes it so much worse. The inclined bed helps tremendously!We tried the 3” first, and are now at the 5”, which we will probably stick with, but we might stack up to the 7”. So nice not being locked into one height, and I’m very lucky that my husband doesn’t seem to mind the incline!We have wheels on our bedframe, these things accommodate the wheels and don’t seem to slide, even though we have vinyl flooring and no rug. Great purchase!!

  2. Fussy Guy Garrett

    When I saw these risers I immediately thought “how clever.” By stacking them, or not, you have the choice of three heights. Living in a small condo, space is always at a premium. At this time I’m using only the 3-inch risers and have stashed two saw horses and a piece of plywood for “work bench” top. And, also two folding patio chairs. What a difference 3 inches makes. I’ll probably use the 5-inch risers later. But having the option to raise the bed by 3, 5 or 8 inches is amazing.So far, two weeks since installed, the bed casters are safely nestled in the risers and do not move on my carpeted floor.

  3. Kindle Customer

    I like that they are sturdy and also that I get great height out of them. I didn’t get them for storage though, I got them so I could hide under the bed and I have enough space to be comfortable, but I am so close to being able to crawl on all fours that it’s a little frustrating. They don’t take up much room, but know the bed won’t be flush with the wall. That is a minor issue, but I do keep mispacing my pillows. At least I usually know where they go now.A slight issue I have is that they don’t come in sets compatible with the number of supports my bed has (9), which as become almost standard for platform beds. I would like to be able to just buy 1 extra. I bought two sets and realized I was one pillar short and just kinda didn’t do anything about it. Mostly because I only expected to need 7 and thought I’d have an extra rather than a lack (but it’s really my fault for not counting) and the disappointment was just crushing. So count your legs!It’s really nice to just flop onto the bed; it’s just the right height for flopping (I was a little careful in the beginning because I’m missing one, but as it hasn’t really impacted the overall stability, I don’t worry as mush anymore). It is also nice to roll off and straight to your feet, but that motion is so habitual, that the first morning may be a bit clumsy.Overall, I’m super pleased. They do what they say they will. It realy isn’t their fault I’m a weirdo.

  4. William Whobrey

    I was made aware of this product through a friend purchasing it to use as risers for a pair of sofas in his living room. Using these under the sofas immediately made them much more comfortable to sit on and considerably easier to stand up from. The improved ergonomics makes all the difference. With that in mind, I purchased a set for the sofas of other friends, whom I often house-sit for. Despite seeing many bad reviews here on Amazon reporting breakage and such, I noted that they have an overwhelmingly positive review score. Needless to say, they have improved the comfort of my other friends’ sofas instantly as well, and my friends were very pleasantly surprised to find that they now have much more comfortable furniture! Before telling them about the change, I asked them to sit and tell me if they felt a difference. Both immediately said that the sofas felt more ‘firm’, and they noted that it was easier to stand up. They also thought that just sitting was more comfortable. When they asked what I did, I showed them the risers, which they are now happy about having. This is the importance of ergonomics, which seems to be all too often ignored or overlooked by modern designers of all kinds of objects of everyday use (not just furniture). If you experience pain and have to shift in your seat while watching a movie on your sofa, then have trouble standing up; I highly recommend you try some of these. Please note: The receptacles in these risers are square. If your sofa or bed has round feet, they may not fit, depending on diameter. If this is the case, you can still get them to fit by screwing some wood blocks of the appropriate size & shape to the feet of your furniture.

  5. SavyShopper

    I purchased one set to raise my small table (used as a desk in my classroom) to standing height since sitting was causing backaches. The risers made it easy to raise to 8” and the perfect height for me to stand (I’m 5’ 3”). The table is about 2 ft by 4 ft so it’s small and lightweight. The risers seem sufficient for what I need, of course, if someone or something knocked into it hard enough I’m sure it could tip off the risers. This option was the easiest and least expensive in making my desk standing height. I also bought a second set since this worked so well – to raise a small side desk in my class as well. My work area is much more functional for my needs thanks to these risers!

  6. Karen T

    I had total hip replacement surgery at the end of August, and had to sleep in a hospital bed for several months afterward because our bed, a TempurPedic, was much too low for me. We purchased these bed risers, removed the wheels from the bottom of the TempurPedic, and put the round peg (the post under the TempurPedic wheels) into the square hole (the top of the bed risers). It was a perfect replacement, and I have been sleeping comfortably in my own bed for the last month, and hopefully for years to come.


    So useful that you have 3, 5, and 8-inch options- all in one box! I was able to experiment and find the perfect height for my needs. They look well made and are very sturdy when placed correctly and squarely under the bed wheels. I’ve seen reviews about various brands of risers and the risers collapsing under weight. These seem solid enough to not have that happen but since a full size adult will be using the twin bed that I installed these under, we’ll just have to see! I’ll update if anything happens! I appreciate that the packaging was appropriate and not full of plastics and other wasteful materials. I’ll happily keep the unused risers in the original box. Good value on this item!

  8. P. JimenezP. Jimenez

    Very nice. Adjustable. U can not put a steel frame with a point on it it will crack or break thru. I simply added a pease of wood to prevent this from happening

  9. Waterlog

    These are a lot sturdier than I thought they’d be. The box they came in was surprisingly heavy but that’s a good thing for risers. I have the 5 inch ones currently raising my desk so I don’t need to hunch over. My desk is an old ikea galant and the adjustable legs no longer stay extended so this is a quick and inexpensive fix. I also have 2 flat screen monitors and various electronics and books on my desk and the risers seem just fine- I don’t get the impression they’re buckling. Really pleased so far.

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